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shure-sm7-radio-broadcasting-microphone-5Gain additional knowledge & skills

When you love radio, and (have a burning desire to) work in radio broadcasting, you’ll love being here! Whether you are a general manager, radio consultant, program director, music scheduler, imaging producer, marketing executive, sales representative, on-air personality, content editor, news journalist or broadcasting student, this is the place to be to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills for more creative and more successful radio!


“Being a passionate radio broadcaster with a team of high-energy and creative radio programmers in a network of 5 diversified stations, I look forward to your newsletter. And my team gets excited when I share some of your thoughts with them; it’s interesting reading, and includes thought provoking concepts and ideas. With best wishes, Shanthi”



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Radio industry trends like visual & social radio are just a part of what we cover. Actually, most of the space in our ‘radio universe’ is devoted to the groundwork of radio success. The newsletter is full of ideas on how to improve your station, insights to increase your ratings and inspiration to ignite your revenue, and covers everything from best practices for personality and music to proven methods for production and programming (like format clock rotations).


“Thanks for your informational blog with so many useful tips that I can’t imagine radio NOT benefiting every listener in your reach. I’ve injected several tips into my shows, and seem to have a good response from listeners. Rgrds, John”



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“I thought I knew a lot about broadcasting, but I’m learning a lot from you. I really do appreciate your ideas which you keep sharing with me. My warmest regards, Alice”



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