You may have the best Music, Mornings & Marketing. But there’s a 4th M; the most important one to succeed in radio (and anything else, for that matter).

Yes, the 3 M’s are essential ingredients for a successful station or show. And yes, science instruments such as research, and art ingredients like personality, will help you get ahead. But there’s something even more powerful you can apply to create your ultimate success. In radio, and in life. It has everything to do with broadcasting, but it goes beyond any classic techniques & tools that we use in radio. I like to call it ‘the 4th M’. It’s unconsciously & randomly used by most; consciously and successfully applied by few. Are you using it to your advantage?



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to let your input create much more output
  • how to use one technique for all your achievements
  • how to clarify your dreams and manifest your desires
  • how to develop a winning team for your radio station
  • how to improve your position from wherever you are
  • how to program yourself for long-term success
  • and much more



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