From my first show to where I'm now: my radio journey so far, including helpful road signs for reaching your career goals and speeding up your progress.

Once, I was eighteen years old… On December 27, 1992, I went on air for the first time; went from being a voracious listener to an inspired creator of radio! My 25th anniversary in radio broadcasting is a nice occasion to let you benefit from 25 radio & life lessons that I’ve learned along my way towards fulfilling my radio dreams. I’ll start with basic (but essential) lessons from the early days of my radio career, also from mistakes that I’ve made — so you can avoid them.



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to take inspired steps towards what you love
  • how to know which people are excellent role models
  • how to teach yourself the essence of radio broadcasting
  • how to release powerful techniques for deliberate creation
  • how to become a team player within your radio station
  • how to celebrate career success and feel life joy
  • and much more (around 2,100 words)



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