What, do you think, makes a successful career in radio broadcasting? Professionalising your performance, or polishing your personality?

(Radio broadcasting) career success becomes more easy when you mind your mindset. You can memorise techniques and master disciplines about your profession, but that’s what you do — while people care who you are, and how you are. Attitude is everything. Based on my 25 years in radio broadcasting (and my University of Hard Knocks degree), here are ideas to better your approach, and benefit your career.



This article will give you ideas & insights on: 

  • how to use your passion and your talent better
  • how to have your breadth, but reach your depth
  • how to handle your comfort versus non-comfort zones
  • how to evaluate your personality by knowing your teachability
  • how to upgrade your reputation and increase your popularity
  • how to navigate your way to your life joy
  • and much more (around 2,600 words)



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