Whenever you're performing in a studio or on a stage, doing airshifts, voiceovers or presentations, you can benefit from the following voice technique.

Major-market personalities — why are they sounding different from smaller-market talents, apart from what they say? How do they give their delivery more impact, besides putting emotion and character into their performance? They are probably using a specific way of diaphragmatic breathing. Consciously applied abdominal breathing lets you control the airstream to your speech organ. Whether you’re hosting a show, reading a newscast or doing a voiceover, mastering this one breath control technique will not only help you to improve your sound, but also to protect your instrument.



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to use your abdominals to breathe deeply
  • how to control your diaphragm to inhale inaudibly
  • how to improve your delivery by breathing instantly
  • how to regulate your airstream to project your voice
  • how to increase your volume while holding your pitch
  • how to maintain your voice by protecting your cords
  • and much more (around 2.100 words)


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