Essential production tips for radio talk shows: how to screen phone callers and produce phone bits to feature compelling stories from the best storytellers?

Even if you have a broadcast delay or pre-record interviews, you have to screen incoming calls and assess potential guests. You want to quickly find out if a person qualifies or not, and then prepare & produce your bit by doing pre-interviews. Which questions are you asking, and what are you listening for in a candidate caller or possible guest? Plus: how to do what most people find really awkward — saying: “no” to someone?



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to quickly identify your best callers
  • how to let phone-ins sound great on air
  • how to help talents perform way better
  • how to save a day with minimum calls
  • how to build an exciting order of calls
  • how to easily avoid unsuitable callers
  • and much more (around 2,400 words)



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