Premium | 104.6 RTL, one of Germany’s iconic radio brands, recently celebrated its 25th birthday (and 25 years of continuous success). We've found 25 reasons why.

With 20 licensed signals on FM, Berlin / Brandenburg is Germany’s most competitive radio market. In Berlin city, one station managed to stay on top of the ratings for over a quarter of a century; 104.6 RTL. Reaching 161.000 listeners per average hour on weekdays, with the morning show peaking at 282.000 between 7 and 8 AM (data: MA Radio II, 2016), the RTL Group's German flagship radio is #1 in the capital. Here are the first 12½ of 25 best practices we've found, based on presentations from and interviews with the station's programming team.



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to become & stay top of mind on people's brand ladder
  • how to borrow ideas from other markets and make them yours
  • how to look beyond content & ratings of your station (or cluster)
  • how to manage your time to work on essential things and top goals
  • how to ensure long-term ratings success for your station (or company)
  • how to create long-form content that is testing better than music on your station
  • and much more!


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