Surprise: what your radio station is airing now, is almost irrelevant in the context of audience perception and listener behavior. It’s about what people expect to happen next.

Success in the ratings is determined by many factors. One of the most important is obviously a solid programming structure. Formats are the foundation to build your radio station on. They also show your audience what to expect from you. Keep your promise every time that people tune in, and they’ll grow into more loyal fans with every listening experience.




  • How marginal songs on your playlist affect your station's entire music image
  • Why established audience perceptions overrule current listening experiences
  • How to make radio audiences listen more often and stay tuned for a longer period
  • Why rational positioning statements need an emotional subconscious addition
  • How to replace existing expectations and create open-minded listeners
  • What radio programming book I can recommend to read about this


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