Premium | How to keep listeners tuned in (or let them come back) during your show, day or week in a way that gets results? 9 Strategies to tease your content effectively.

In a time when people are bombarded with advertising messages, you should do more than airing a bunch of promos (which to some listeners may sound like commercials). You can leverage the credibility of your on-air personalities to presell upcoming content & promotions instead, as long as you do it well. Because there’s teasing, and there’s effective teasing. Here are 9 concepts to help you increase your Time Spent Listening, and grow your tune-in occasions this way.



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to involve your audience in your teases
  • how to take music presells beyond ineffective clichés
  • how to make content announcements evoke curious captivity
  • how to let your audience sit through commercials
  • how to find perfect timing for any & all presells
  • how to grow the impact of each & every tease
  • and much more (around 1.800 words)



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