Radio is a great medium for music and news, but also for good causes. Radio Everyone is asking for YOUR help to spread the word about an important message. (Update: this promotion is now over.)

Telling 7 billion people in just 7 days about essential actions to increase life quality for everyone on the planet. Project Everyone is there to promote the United Nations development goals (updated for 2015), also with a pop-up station called Radio Everyone. PD Piers Bradford explains how YOU can support this good cause, easily & effortlessly.


“It makes sense that there’s a radio part”



The Global Goals, The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

95% of the world population could hear about The Global Goals through Radio Everyone (image: The Global Goals)



Give important issues publicity

Since the introduction of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals at the turn of the century, the amount of people living in extreme poverty has been greatly reduced. But hardly anyone has ever heard of this success, let alone of the goals behind it. That will change on September 25, 2015, when 193 world leaders will sign up for a new, ambitious to-do list; 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Filmmaker Richard Curtis (Mr. Bean, Notting Hill), also a seasoned campaigner (co-founded Comic Relief), approached the UN to see how these goals can receive more publicity this time around, helping to hold world leaders even more accountable to take action. Bradford: “Richard was asking: can we get the goals to 7 billion people in 7 days? Which is, quite frankly, terrifying and absolutely nuts, haha.”



The Global Goals, Global Citizen Festival flyerPromote development goals extensively

Rebranded as The Global Goals, they’re powered by Google (showcasing the goals on their homepage) and Wikipedia (translating them into 250 different languages). There’s also a mobile phone stunt to send 1 billion text messages in 1 week, a televised Global Citizen festival in New York featuring Coldplay, Beyoncé, Pearl Jam and Ed Sheeran, and… a global radio station! And that’s where YOU (with you radio station or show) come in.



Harness radio’s massive reach

Why is radio such a significant part is this project?

“The most important way of talking to people is through radio. An estimated 95% of the world’s population can access a radio signal, so it makes sense that there’s a radio part to Project Everyone.” After working over a decade for BBC Radio 1, also as an executive producer for Chris Moyles, he left the BBC to build Radio Everyone from the ground up. Quite a challenge at first. “As we all know, there’s no sort of magic button where you suddenly take over a radio station…”



“We want to make sure that it doesn’t feel top-down”



Haile Gebrselassie, Jamie Oliver

Role models and celebrity people from all over the world are part of Radio Everyone (photos: Fans Share, Daily Mail)



Partner with streaming services

Like in Die Hard 4.0, where they  take over every TV station in town, and wham – instantly are on the air, everywhere!

“That would be a much easier solution than what I’ve spent over the last 9 months creating, haha! First and foremost, we’ll be an Internet station. There will be an online stream on our Global Goals site, and you’ll be able to listen to the individual programs on demand. We’re working with many digital partners to amplify that, such as TuneIn. Slacker and Spotify are confirmed to take content, like PSA spots and celebrity links where famous people are turning into radio presenters; curating a playlist.”



Piers Bradford, Radio EveryoneTeam up with broadcasters

To win the number’s game and reach a mass audience, Bradford (photo) and his team are asking especially terrestrial broadcasters to join in. “From here on in, it will be called the Die Hard 4.0 model… We need to get our content onto stations that are broadcasting to huge audiences day in, and day out.” Confirmed nationwide stations that will participate, include Absolute Radio UK, Radio 2 Italy, Hitradio Ö3 Austria, and 92.7 Big FM India.



Speak to listeners globally

How do you make this content appealing to a worldwide audience?

“We want to make sure that it doesn’t feel top-down, like: the West is saying we should do this, because it’s a good thing”, Piers Bradford explains. “We’re making content around the world, not just in the UK and US. We’ve got partner hubs in India and Brazil, and engage someone to work specifically on Africa.” Part of the presenter lineup are Ethiopian runner Haile Gebrselassie, Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan, and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Apart from shows, there are documentaries that are “celebrating ordinary people doing amazing things”, for which the narration is done by actors such as Antonio Banderas and Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).



“Use the bits that are working for you”



Radio Everyone, download site

Radio Everyone stations can download a great variety of imaging & content to use on air (image: Project Everyone)



Adapt pre-produced content locally

Participants can use kit of work parts, including a jingle package, composed by Peter Gabriel and mixed by Benji B. They receive Public Service Announcements in 10 languages, voiced by children from all over the world, and a production guide with templates for presenters and producers. Also available are short-form clips of content highlights from the online stream, where celebrities are presenting the programs. “If you’re not an English-speaking station, you might still have an interest in taking a 30-second clip of an English-speaking celebrity, because you can contextualize it. You know your audience and format best, so use the bits that are working for you, produce your own content, or do a mix of both.”

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radio-everyone-logo-04Join Radio Everyone today

Summary: Project Everyone is asking you support the worldwide awareness of The Global Goals, causing media to keep it on the global agenda, helping politicians to take (increased) action on these targets. The campaign to reach 7 billion people in 7 days begins on September 26, when 193 leaders declare to realize the goals. You can find the Radio Everyone content kit here. (This promotion is now over.)