How to increase exposure of on-air promotions that really matter for your programming strategy, so your listeners will spot your promos?

Several different spots for your station’s major promotion is probably not everything you’re airing right now. You may also run multiple secondary promotions, from your morning show highlights to concert ticket giveaways. Producing all these trailers is one thing; scheduling all these promos is something different. How to cut through the clutter so your message will be heard?



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • How to give your promos more attention value
  • How to keep your trailers sounding fresh & interesting
  • How to apply different ways to communicate your message
  • How to define promo categories and optimise their exposure
  • How to calculate strategic rotations for several promo set-ups
  • How to avoid repetitive patterns for your promotion spots
  • and much more (around 1,400 words) + bonus downloads



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