Premium | Some music stations only have news bulletins during morning show hours, but interesting and well-presented (local) news can push your ratings all day.

‘Reporting news first’ is a position that radio used to own exclusively. But also in today's Internet age, where social media are spreading trending topics like wildfire, there is an important role for radio news. Radio is still a great news medium, when its content is tailored to listeners engaged in another activity (like driving or working). Here’s how your station can be like a spider, catching listeners. Including some of your competition!



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to establish a positive news image for your station
  • how to turn your P2 / P3 music listeners into P1 / P2 news listeners
  • how to hijack 5-10 minutes of your competition’s Time Spent Listening several times a day
  • how to make your secondary audience (temporarily) leave their favourite music for your content
  • how to make your news bulletin significantly different and more interesting than your competition's?
  • how to hold on to your (temporarily extended) cumulative news audience after your newscast
  • and much more (around 1500 words)



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