How to give away money on your radio station with new creative concepts and much more entertainment than Pay Your Bills or Double Your Salary?

If you're not already including money giveaways in your radio promotions, contests & sweepstakes, then you probably consider it, and for good reason. In almost any radio market, Cash Calls & Co. (so to say) are a surefire way to positively influence your station’s ratings. At the same time, you may want to go beyond usual suspects. We’ve found & analysed a couple of more original ‘cash contests’ from the US, Canada and Europe.



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to have your promotion grow your TSL
  • how to get your contest to increase your tune-in
  • how to let your sweepstake connect with listeners
  • how to let your promotions push your personalities
  • how to have your contests promote your frequency
  • how to make your sweepstakes ‘win-win-win-win’
  • and much more (around 1,200 words)



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