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Like to learn radio broadcasting skills, or extend your professional competence? Radio))) ILOVEIT is the place to be! From our knowledge of, experience with, and passion for the medium, we love giving you inspiration & resources for more successful radio. With free articles for everyone, and exclusive content for Premium Members!




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“I was just idly googling Bill Drake, whom I knew for decades and indirectly worked for when I was on-air at KFRC San Francisco in its early-’70s heyday. Cool website! I hope some smart, young programmers are paying attention to you.”


J.J. Johnson, author, voice actor, and former on-air personality & program director / Los Angeles, California




See this as a forum for everything you always wanted to know about radio, but were afraid to ask. Submit your questions, and our team will (find someone to) answer them whenever possible in a future article, so all members will benefit. Expert interviews with peak performers in key disciplines of radio broadcasting are part of the mix as well.




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You’ll get solid theory (on radio programming and music scheduling), but also practical advice (on radio production and personality radio, including: how to make every PD love your demo)




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“I am a radio personality for a Rock station, and always looking for new ways to reinvent my show, so I don’t sound like a broken record! Reading this definitely helped, and it has given me really good ideas to keep my show fresh. Thanks!”


Mohawk Mikey, on-air personality, K-Bear 101 FM / Blackfoot, Idaho




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