Premium | Balance in both category exposure and category sequence will help you create radio music format clocks that reinforce your music strategy.

Following part 1b of this first Format X-Ray, where we talked about achieving more music variety by creating better title exposure, we’re now going to look at song segues, category flow and format clocks. This study case will make you learn important dos & don’ts of music scheduling — including essentials that are not just valid for Top 40, but for any radio station's music format.



  • Case: Format X-Ray 1c
  • Format: Contemporary Hit Radio
  • Market: Netherlands (nationwide)
  • Date: Friday, June 24, 2016
  • Slot: midnight till 3 AM



This analysis will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to apply the 20/10-minute rule
  • how to make every hour sound consistent
  • how to ensure enough hit impact and power level
  • how to avoid playing secondary currents back to back
  • how to establish your radio brand’s desired music image
  • how to improve your music flow and fine-tune your format clocks
  • and lets you download aircheck notes for a detailed overview of this format study case



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