Relaxing your voice before, during & after your on-air shift or voiceover session is essential for a continuously successful speech performance.

In part 1 of this series on voice techniques for radio presenters (and station voiceovers), we’ve covered perfect breath control through diaphragmatic breathing, which is the basis of professional speaking. This second part offers techniques — and an amazing vocal tool — to relax your voice, and improve or maintain its condition. Most of the voice training and vocal exercises, including audio examples, can be done both during and before & after your performance.



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to prep your voice before your performance
  • how to maintain your voice during your shift
  • how to raise your energy level fast and easy
  • how to let your voice sound warm and rich
  • how to relax your instrument after the gig
  • how to keep your voice in excellent shape
  • and much more (around 2.900 words)



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