Optimising small things, like increasing format consistency, could be enough to turn a good station into a great one in terms of programming tactics & strategy.

Want to get inspiration from other stations in outside markets? Then I’m happy to welcome you to a new, Premium Member series, in which we will x-ray top brands across several formats, markets & slots, based on recorded airchecks. Each ‘radiograph’ will cover radio programming aspects (in part a), and music scheduling practices (in part b), including detailed playlist rundowns and visual format clocks. Let's kick off #1!



  • Case: Format X-Ray 1a
  • Format: Contemporary Hit Radio
  • Market: Netherlands (nationwide)
  • Date: Friday, June 24, 2016
  • Slot: midnight till 3 AM



This analysis will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to build a strong top of the hour sequence
  • how to highlight your major promotion more effectively
  • how to assign specific breaks to presells of upcoming content
  • how to maintain a perception of constant flow, even during breaks
  • how to create a good station imaging clock to achieve on-air sound variety
  • how to spread your music and content over the course of your entire show & day
  • and lets you download aircheck notes for a detailed overview of this format study case



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