Premium | From Down Under to Canada, from the US to Germany: lessons learned from big promotions of leading stations in major markets.

Following part 1 of this series on successful radio promotions, contests & sweepstakes, here's an update of what top stations are doing to boost radio ratings through exciting tune-in triggers right now. That includes money giveaways, but also other formats. Let’s analyse various concepts from winning stations, sharing observations & takeaways to help you create successful radio promotions for your own station!



This article will give you ideas & insights on:

  • how to increase on-air excitement and boost online engagement
  • how to make single promotions accomplish multiple goals
  • how to control your budgets and limit your spendings
  • how to make simple sweepstakes feel more special
  • how to tease your contests to build tune-in habits
  • how to make your promotions long-term effective
  • and much more (around 1,300 words)



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